Having issues installing Pikik, what am I doing wrong?So,

Hello all,

I found Piwik whilst googling an issue we are having with spambolts on our website. I have got rid of GA and now want to give Pikik a try to see if they really can stop the spambolts.

So, with that I have done the following but am having issues:

1 - I did the one click install with our hosting via Softaculous
2 - I logged into wordpress and installed the plugin for Piwki. Once this was installed I entered the token key. I also cut and pasted the specific code that is needed.

When I logged back into the Pikik site it is saying that it is not tracking. I’m not very tech wise when it comes to this sort of thing but my understanding was that the one step process was simple. Can someone help with what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks,

Piwik can’t block spammers from accessing your site. All Piwik can do is to exclude their activity so that you don’t see it. I’m not sure whether Piwik actually excludes spammer activity from its logs, or just from its reports.

In order to shut out spammers completely, you need to resort to using a .htaccess file. You construct such a file using any old text editor, and then place it in the server’s directory tree. Usually the .htaccess file is put into the directory above the one in which your site’s files are placed. However, .htaccess files can be put anywhere, and the effect is cumulative as the server traverses the directory structure.