Having a central PIWIK server to see statistics of use from several remote servers


Hello, I need some of your help for suggestions on a project we are currently
working on. We have several rural schools where students connect with their
tablets and laptops connect to internal Apache servers.

Now we need to track which applications are more used and for how long.
So we need to consolidate the traffic information of remote schools as you can see in this picture

So my questions are:

  1. Which method of using PIWIK would be better?
    Importing the remote log files using the python script or inserting javascript code
    inside every page using some Apache trick? My main concern is if

  2. As every server is installed with identical software I suppose that most reports may
    look as coming from the same server, so how could I import all the remote information to
    a central PIWIK server while identifying the information of each school.

  3. Could it be possible to sum up the information of all schools (or particular
    schools) to determine the most visited urls?