Hardware requirements for piwik


Could someone please tell me the approx memory/cpu usage piwik has for a site with ~10,000 hits per day…? And also if memory/cpu will increase dramatically with increasing visitors or stay stable/increase by a reasonable amount.

I was looking to get a VPS form 123systems(.)net. There yearly plans are super cheap!


10k visits per day will work fine on a good VPS with enough RAM and CPU.

See How to configure Piwik for security - Analytics Platform - Matomo

We got 40k pageviews a day from 7k visits.

1 Apache-PHP server and 1 MySQL server.

Each server is a VMware machine with 4GB of RAM and 2 CPUs and everything is flawless under Piwik 1.12 for a year.

We’re using Cron archiving every 15 minutes.

Hope it helps.


Hi dali, Would it be possible to tell me the CPU/RAM usage you are seeing with that kind of usage…?

As I said these are virtualized : Intel® Xeon® CPU E7- 4870 @ 2.40GH (X 2)

CPU goes to 40% for less than 2 minutes every 15 minutes and are usually at 5% during day.

Memory used goes at max at 900 MB for a peak.

And the MySQL server is bored… (peak at 10% CPU)

I’ve just tried to generate some work (3 PDF reports and got the PHP server at 15%) and then a Segment (not pre-processed with Cron to filter only one city for March) and CPU went up to 55% and memory climbed to 1.6 GB.


And also it’s important to note that performance are much better in Piwik 2.0 :slight_smile:

Hey. I didnt want to open a new topic for the same question. I hope its ok to ask here.
What kind of hardware do I need to support 10million pageviews per day.
Thats about 300 million per month.

I plan getting a single dedi from Hetzner or Hetzner auction.

So far I was using Google analytics but I went over their limits https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CRIzQAmUcAAlPdR.png:large

I need very basic information from my analytics software. Like Live visitors, referers, errors, hits per day and most popular pages.
Is it possible to disable some stuff from Piwik to improve performance?