Hardware for Piwik

What sort of hardware is required for Piwik monitoring with 1M PageView per month. I am just wondering should i be setting up my own Analytics on a Cloud Machine with 256MB Ram. And how does it scale up?

From the FAQ

For example, a common way to load balance Piwik on 3 servers: Load balancer in front of (2x) webservers which are tracking/querying the (1x) Master mysql DB server.
For further optimization, a (1x) UI webserver can be added, to handle all API requests, UI requests, and run the cron archiving. This server can also be doubled and load balanced.
Typically, webserver boxes would be cheap to operate servers, and the Master DB server would be bigger (eg. multiple cores, 8G memory, fast disk access), which could scale to a certain point (around 1M pages per day).

So i would need 3 servers for 1M Pages View per day, Master DB would need 8GB RAM. Depending on hosting provider that is $250 - $350 per month. Adding in the two extra Server for the Tracking/ Querying, assuming 512MB is enough that is around $25 - $30 per node.

That is at least $300 per month for a 30M PV site? Please correct me if i am wrong.

ksec, it is hard to say since it depends a lot on traffi patterns, disk performance, etc.

It would be great if you could do some tests, starting with a cheap instance, and tune it as much as possible (memory RAM is key! 4G good to have)

Then, once you find the right & cheapest config in the cloud for you, please post your findings, config & costs in this thread: 301 Moved Permanently

Well i wont have time to do the testing, at least not in the near future. Would be interested if others could do it.

Another thing on my mind would be a ready made template, or Scripts for installing and auto preconfig all the optimum setting on a cloud machines for Piwik.

That’s a great suggestion. I guess then you should use Bitnami: Piwik Cloud Hosting, Piwik Installer, Docker Container and VM

Hey Matt,

I have a similar problem(I am using log processing), In my case environment is as follows:

  1. Server A will serve the javascript.
  2. Server B has all the logs.
  3. Server B has the log processing python script which will be triggered regularly with URL of server C.
  4. Server C has piwik installed on it.

Can you please suggest me the minimum amount of RAM I should have for server C where my piwik is installed.


Thanks Matt…

Thanks Matt…

Thanks Matt…