Handle multiple profiles better

My organisation has many websites and we have over 100 profiles. In some cases a profile is a subdivision or a part of a large website.

When a part of a website gets a profile the large webside loses that statistics of its subdivision. In order to get a view of the total number of pageviews etc I have to manually add profile + profile. I would like to be able to handle profiles better so I can include one or more sub-profiles to a mainprofile. Then I can group a set of profiles together and all their statistics would show up in a main-profile. Then I do not have to manually add all the sub-profiles together in order to get a total overall sum of pageviews, downloads, visits etc. Would it be possible to tell Piwik that some mainprofiles have subprofiles that should be included in the statistics of the main profile?

Example: My site mybigsite/mybigarea/ has subsites for mycity1, mycity2, and mycity3 etc. Each city has a profile in Piwik. If I want to know the total visits of /mybigarea/ I have to add the statistics of mycity1+ mycity2+ mycity3= mybigarea. Is there someway to group mycity1+ mycity2+ mycity3 so all statistics automatically appears in the profile of /mybigarea/ ?

This would really be helpful for us with large and complex websitestructures.

We would also like to work on such feature. If you are interested to sponsor the feature or participate in the funding please contact at matt@piwik.org to get started. We will be happy to implement this feature!

Sounds nice! I’ll email you and we can discuss this further.

We’ve just released a new plugin which could really helpful to you: Roll-Up Reporting aggregates data from multiple websites, mobile apps and shops into a Roll-Up site to gain new insights and save time.

Roll-Up ReportingRoll-Up Reporting lets you aggregate data from multiple websites and apps into one single site. It lets you answer questions like “How many visits happened on all of my websites and apps?” and “Which campaigns contributed the most across several of my websites?” or “How do my various Brands overall compare with each other?” When you have several shops (eg white-labels) it is very valuable to see how your ecommerce shops are performing overall. Or when you are a web agency and you are serving many customers and want to provide each customer with a single aggregate view of all their web properties. Roll-Up Reporting lets you analyze this aggregated data in one site so easily. It saves you lots of time and helps you gain the insights you need instantly.

The Roll-Up Reporting User Guide and the
Roll-Up Reporting FAQ cover how to get the most out of this plugin.

For any other question feel free to contact us.

That was good news! I will definately check it out and see if the plugin is something we need.
Thank you so very much for following up and giving me this tip!
The Piwik-team rules! :wink:
Best regards,

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