Gtmetrix scores

Hi all.

I installed matomo, but it seems to be messing up my gtmetrix scores. And it seems to happen because of this one thing (tracking cookie?)

Anything i can do about that ? For some reason it doesn’t seem to load it from the domain (even though i filled that in on the https:// settings) which is causing most of the problems here.

I also found it strange i had to add the directory “analytics” by specificying the subdir on the cdn even though it did use that in the code, but not for loading it from the cdn. It clearly knows where it’s installed so why do i need to specify the subdir?

Anyway, see below. I’d appreciate some guidance here.

Thanks a lot!

There are 3 static components without a far-future expiration date.

And two more messages with the same link for :
There is 1 static component that is not on CDN.
There is 1 component that is not cookie-free