GTM to Matomo Tag Manager migration

Searching for Experiencied Matomo freelancer to consult and code implementation
We are planing to migrate from Google Tag Manager to Matomo tag manager.
We have over 200+ active tags, Enhanced Ecommerce integration, Floctory integration.
Also we are planning to shut down Google Analytics and run Yandex Metrica.
Google Big Query → Clickhouse data base migration.

Please, tell me your experince, your timezone/country, your price per hour?


You can search here: Agentur Empfehlung? or contact @Thomas_Zeithaml

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Hi there, I personnaly cannot handle consulting projects anymore, I am focusing on delivering the delivery of the matomo book at the end of the year, but maybe Frédéric Forster can still take some projects, he is used to those.