Gravityforms event tracking issues with tag manager

So we have tried everything from using visibility id, css selector to click id or visible text as the trigger for tracking a form that doesn’t redirect to any “thank-you page” url. (form built using gravityforms)

However, the event tracking just doesn’t seems to work.

Please guide on how to resolve this issue.


Can you show us with details how you configured one or another form event tracking?

I think Visible Element Text is not suitable to your need. I think this is for Content tracking. You should use Click Text.

On your Click ID condition, I see 2 potential issues.

  1. Are you sure the HTML ID of the button you clicked is gform_sumbmit_button_246 (and never 245 or 247)?
  2. Maybe a new page is loaded after the button has been clicked and before the Matomo trigger has been triggered. Do you use the sendBeacon config? See in the Matomo configuration variable:

Another solution could be to use Click Classes

Hi @fcuser,

Looking at your screenshot, I can see the form you are trying to track some code in an iframe…
Then probably you forgot to include Matomo JavaScript tracking code in this iframe… Indeed, Matomo doesn’t track anything located in a sub frame…

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