Graphic evolution with imagegraph + Actions.getPageUrls

Dear team, dear users,

I haven’t found solution to this need. I would like draw an graphic evolution which includes a point for each month in a range period. We found this functionality in the dashboard, when we select Action -> Pages -> clicking on the grey graphic icon near a specific page and select view, unique view, … I can export a image (attached here) but I can’t generate myself automatically with the API ?

With Imagegraph, I only found the sum of the visits as you check below :,yesterday&apiModule=Actions&apiAction=getPageUrls&format=xml&label=articles%26gt%3B%252Fsurebet&graphType=evolution&token_auth=anonymous

Is there a way to display the full period point by point (month by month) ?

Kind Regards.

Try with &period=month ?

I already tried this with a range defined as date, but you’ve the following message : “The graph cannot be drawn for this combination of ‘date’ and ‘period’ parameters.”. If you specify a month or date, you obtain only the sum of this period, not the result monthly. There is maybe something to add, but I haven’t found this function in the API.

The only way would be to add a plugin or manually process the export page in php or another, but I imagine Imagegraph can make this thing ?..

Thanks Matt.

We will implement this as part of: Static PNG Graph: plot several metrics & multiple row evolutions · Issue #3013 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Thanks for your outstanding work, Matt & Team Piwik !