Graph of custom variable counts

I have a custom variable (of visitor locations) and I would like to make a widget (bar graph) that would show the number/count of visitors in each category. Would that be possible? in this tutorial: it only shows how to plot the data as a table. (The same kind of data as in # of visits per each custom variable category would do the job for me).

So I conclude there is not bar graph widget to show the custom variable histograms?

It should be possible to switch to a bar chart for most table reports by clicking the table icon in the footer of the report

Yes, but the chart only shows the total number of chosen metric (visits) for the whole custom variable (and with two custom variables, having the same number of values, it shows two identical bars). I did not find a means to drill into the custom data values so that I could plot the different variable values on X-axis, showing the number of visits PER custom variable value.

Hopefully the next upgrade will bring that option to the widget!?