[GoogleAnalyticsImporter] Required Executables (php) (nohup)

I am a beginner in matomo and need help with these problems:
I have installed matomo 3.14.1 On-Premise on Windows server 2019, based on php 7.4 and mysql 8.0.22. The matomom site is up and running. There are two errors that appear in system check in administration.
[GoogleAnalyticsImporter] Required Executables (php)
[GoogleAnalyticsImporter] Required Executables (nohup)

How can these errors be fixed?



I am not too sure if the plugin works on Windows as it uses Linux/Unix tools like nohup to run tasks in the background:

Hi Lukas,
Thanks for the answer. I check the windows support.issue#149 if I can find anything about this.
In the requirments for Import GA data [https://matomo.org/docs/google-analytics-importer/#requirements] you also find this requirment:
Your server must allow the execution of the CLI PHP from within a web request and must have nohup available.
This requirment should also applies to Windows server and It would have been desirable if they could write how to do it.