Google Voice Tracking - Adding it to the Dashboard

I posted a question earlier about adding a widget to the dashboard that would display the call history from Google Voice to track our calls without having to leave the Piwik interface and login to the Google Voice Dashboard.
The obvious answer was an API (which I suck at creating). I managed to modify an “unofficial Google Voice API” which consisted of two PHP pages that I modified and I added to the server where Piwik installation is running. By visiting the second PHP page I can now get the Google Voice voicemail and SMS messages to appear in plain text with all relative information (time, voicemail transcripts, phone numbers…etc.). Awesome I thought.
So the information I need is retrieved by simply visiting a URL. I figured I could just use a dashboard widget to display the information on the Piwik dashboard using the URL displayed in a iFrame. Well, I can not for the life of me figure out how to incorporate and iFrame widget into the dashboard. I’ve found plenty of info on how to display Piwik data in an iFrame on another website, but nothing on how to create a simple widget that will display an external URL into an iframe on the Piwik Dashboard? Did I miss something?

-Ron Dorfeld

Look at the ExamplePlugin widget, in file Controller.php. You can there add a “echo <iframe …” to manually put the iframe (or create small new plugin with minimalist controller for it)