Google Tag Manager and Matomo Analytics - Non-Interaction Events

Hi there,

I am using Google Tag Manager with Matomo Analytics. I found following link explaining how to get this combination to work: However, I am wondering how I would have to adjust the basic code so that I can creat non-interaction events? if I am unable to set this up that would mean my bounce rate would be measured wrong.


  var _paq = _paq || [];

_paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Anchor Link Click', '{{Click Text}}', '{{Click URL}}']);


What do you mean as non-interaction events?
Please note also that HeartBeatTimer (configured in the code provided by the mage you mentioned) sends request to Matomo to measure the exact time spent on a page:

Hi Philippe,

I hope you are well. Thanks for answering. Are you familiar with Google Analytics? In Google Analytics you can create events as “non-interaction events”. What this means is basically that when the event is triggered this will not be considered an interaction.

Say someone loads a page and starts scrolling. He scrolls 20% of the page and then exits the page. You may have setup an event that triggers when scrolling - the first time after 10%. Since the event triggers, this visitor will not be considered as someone who “bounced”. If this is the only visitor the bounce rate would be 0%.

You might, however, say that just scrolling 10% of the page is not enough of an interaction and you would prefer to still consider this visitor as someone who bounced. In Google Analytics you could then define scroll depth as an non-interaction Event. You will get the data for scrolling, but just scrolling without clicking any buttons will not be considered an interaction. Therefore, in the example above, the bounce rate would still be 100% for this user.

Hi @SvenG,

I have no knowledge on GA, so I let someone else answer… Maybe @Lukas can?

In the meantime I have found following threat on this exact issue:

However, I am not finding any solution so far. Does anyone have any updates?