Google Sitelinks to anchors on my page cause Piwik to miscalculate bounce rate

Hello, I have a web site that consists of a single page with anchors to various sections within the page. To the end user (browser), my single page looks like a site with a home page and various other pages (About Us, Products, etc.) I have the Piwik tracking script in the page and “_paq” action trackers also in the page. I have the ability to embed a parameter in my URL to cause the desired anchor on this page to be loaded, versus loading just the main portion of the page. By doing this, I can have Google Sitelink extensions that actually load different parts of the page for the user. However, what Piwik is doing is counting the initial load of the page as one hit for 2 seconds and then the subsequent loading of the desired sitelink anchor as a second view, because really, the same Piwik code is present on this page.

What can I do to eliminate that two-second bounce recording?