Google Rankings for Keywords Plugin?

Are there any piwik plugins that enable the stats package to check the google ranking for the keywords that people are finding the site through?

Clearly this isn’t going to ever be offered by Google Analytics, because they don’t want webmasters having that information easily.

But for Piwik it would really set it apart, and make it genuinely useful.

Is this available as a plugin anywhere?

There is a related plugin but it’s not compatible with the current Piwik release. Plugin: Adds a widget showing average page number in search engines page results (works with Google, Yahoo, Live, etc.) · Issue #502 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


it is possible in WMT to find out the average rank per country but I’m not sure i believe the crap that google kicks out. ranks always seem different to WMT when we check rankings using proxies

it would be nice to see the position in serps where the user clicked (for all search engines)

Are there any plans to update this patch to the latest piwik version. it would be a nice extra for Piwik :wink:

What is really needed is for the plugin to be able to have proxies added to it, or preferably be able to automatically pull down working public proxies similar to the way this software does.

In order to check the rankings for a large number of keywords, proxies are an absolute must, or google will just ban the ip of your server.

However, scrapebox manages it quite nicely, so it is perfectly do-able.

This would be a massive addition to the software, and genuinely useful for ALL webmasters.

The stats package checking rankings is actually the logical place for it to be, because there are so many weird phrases that people type in that actually convert great, but you would never know unless you had BOTH the ability to set goals AND know where the traffic is coming from ie the rankings.

If you know that then you can immediately redirect your efforts to activities that are more profitable.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realise that a plugin with this functionality is a bit of must.

You can do that without Keyword positions, by checking conversion rates for each keywords and sorting by best conversion rates

I am doing that Matt but there are a couple of problems with the current implementation:

1/ The goals screen shows the keywords, but it has no option to display the page that was landed on.

Clearly most of the time you can find out, but it involves going to Google and checking manually, and if you don’t happen to live in the US, then you have to install Firefox plugins etc to check the US results.

All in all. A bit of a phaff. The goals screen should also have the option to show the pages that are landed on by conversions, accompanied by which keyword found them.

2/ If the keywords also had the google position next to them, then you could see at a glance which phrases to target.

At the moment you have to go and check.

For example a keyword might produce 10 conversions, but it might only be in 10th place on Google. You just don’t know.

If it was showing as 10 conversions, and as being in 10th place on Google then you immediately know that you have a home run phrase, that if you get it up to the top 3 on Google, will immediately generate many more conversions.

If on the other hand it is in 1st place already on Google, then you know to target other pages, because you have already done as much as you can.

The difference is that the current implementation for conversions ONLY shows how efficiently CURRENT traffic is being converted. It tells you nothing about how much extra potential FUTURE traffic is available. Without that info you are flying blind until you go and check the keyword rankings.

Now, you can do that manually, but it is far better off done automatically by the software.