Google Proxy

For the month of September my website stats show that nearly 8% of all visits came from Mountain View, CA with Google listed as the service provider for all of these visitors. When eliminating duplicate IP addresses, I am left with eight unique IPs. With a reverse DNS search, most trace back to Google proxy with one tracing back to Google user content. For example: /

My question is has anyone else seen anything like this? The vast majority these visits are on the website for five seconds or less, but because some of this traffic is on the website for upwards of an hour, time on site averages out to 59 seconds. Is this some kind of bot or is it legit traffic?

Have a look at this information on the Google Webmaster Tools site:

could you please create an issue on github: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
and paste there the 8 IPs used by google to crawl your site? we will add them to be considered bot

please keep attention to this bc.googleusercontent…

eg. yesterday they used it to attack websites…above all commercial

this is not legit at all
they use many different IPs to try to crash your webserver, it’s not a usual googlebot

for your info: they surf with resolution of 1024x768 with Chrome 53, GMT 0 and Linux as OS…