Google is indexing piwik! what can I do?


I need help, google is indexed my Piwik folder and also the:
~‘database name’/piwik
Can someone tell me how to remove it from the index please?



Short answer:
A proper robots.txt will help you.

Please see the link from Google support:


Yeah, I know that, thank you , but the problem is that it’s not a folder really, it’s a database with ~ . I’ve already used the robot.txt to restrict the entrance of the crawler, but it doesn’t seem to work with the database name as a folder.

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robots.txt has to be in the root folder, i.e., /robots.txt

If I understand correctly, you need this line:

Disallow: /~database/


I’ve Already done that but for some reason google still index it, even after a week…
Well, I believe I will have to wait a bit longer for it to work… Thanks!


Can you try escaping the ~ with a \ ? I have not tried this though.
Disallow: /~database/

Google also allows wildcards, you can try that as well.
this page has information on testing robots.txt(at the bottom), it might be helpful.


simple put one robots.txt in your root directory with this in it:

Disallow: /

Google will not index your stats site anymore.