Google Images referrer not working correctly?

(_nk) #1


it seems like the visitors from google images arent counted correctly - i dont know if its just with my piwik installations or a general problem. Webalizer says i had about 500 users from google images yesterday on one project - but piwik thinks it was just one.

I guess that piwik has some problem with the referrer from google images? It seems like piwik counts users from google images as direct visitors - anybody else got the same effect?

Have a nice day guys.

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(Matthieu Aubry) #2

could you please look into “piwik_log_visit” and look at the “referer” field, if you can see Google image referer that are not properly counted as Google images in the table? thanks

(_nk) #3

hi matthieu, thank you for your answer.

i took a look and it seems as if there is no referrer logged when i go to the site from google images. I also tried it myself and took a look on the referrer in the db when i clicked on my own images on google images before (with 2 different browsers) - there is no referrer logged at all.

I have a framebuster-javascript in my pages to jump out of the google images frame - is it possible that this script eats my referer / is executed before piwik can log the referer?

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(_nk) #4

Was my fault, the framebuster javascript reloaded the page before piwik could get the referer. Thanks for your help.

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