Google changing referrer string

(DazzlinDonna) #1

Google made this announcement today:…com-search.html

Starting this week, you may start seeing a new referring URL format for visitors coming from Google search result pages. Up to now, the usual referrer for clicks on search results for the term “flowers”, for example, would be something like this:…G=Google+Search

Now you will start seeing some referrer strings that look like this:…IoPtnwmvGMULQfw

The key difference between these two urls is that instead of “/search?” the URL contains a “/url?”. If you run your own analyses, be sure that you do not depend on the “/search?” portion of the URL to determine if a visit started with an organic search click

…analytics packages may need to adapt to this change in our referrer string to maintain accurate reports.

Just thought I’d throw a heads-up out there.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

all versions of piwik are compatible with the new format