Google Analytics Importer - Re-Import

I have the following problem - I added data to a SiteId via Google Analytics importer and after the import was completed, I also deleted it from the GAI. Now I’ve found that some not correct data and I have to do a re-import. Now the page is no longer listed for re-import in the GAI. How or what do I have to do?

Greetings Mitch

Is an Re-Re-Import possible?

Hi @Miches sorry for the late reply, this isn’t directly possible, but can be done with some SQL. Did you map any extra custom dimensions?

Hi @diosmosis,

thanks for reply :slight_smile:

No, i don´t use other dimensions

Hi @Miches,

Can you execute the following SQL (after replacing the appropriate values):

insert into {TABLES_PREFIX}option (option_name, option_value) values ('GoogleAnalyticsImporter.importStatus_{IDSITE}', '{"status":"finished","idSite":{IDSITE},"ga":{"property":"{GA_PROPERTY_ID}","account":"{GA_ACCOUNT_ID}","view":"{GA_VIEW_ID}"},"last_date_imported":null,"main_import_progress":null,"import_start_time":1601424000,"import_end_time":1601510400,"last_job_start_time":1601424000,"last_day_archived":null,"import_range_start":"2020-02-01","import_range_end":"2020-04-01","extra_custom_dimensions":[],"days_finished_since_rate_limit":0,"reimport_ranges":[]}');


  • {TABLES_PREFIX} with the prefix you specified during installation
  • {IDSITE} with the site ID of the site in question
  • {GA_PROPERTY_ID} with the Google Analytics Property ID
  • {GA_ACCOUNT_ID} with the Google Analytics Account ID
  • {GA_VIEW_ID} with the Google Analytics View ID

This should add the entry back to the admin page.

Wohooo - Thank U, it works :slight_smile: