Google Analytics Importer appears stuck

Using On-Premises. I started an import several days ago. For a while data was coming in to tables matomo_archive_blob_YYYY_MM and matomo_archive_numeric_YYYY_MM). However it seems no data has come in for a couple of days, although the status report shows it is apparently running with an estimated completion time of “1 day”.

But there are only tables for each month of 2023; there are no tables dated with earlier months. The import date range starts with 2007. Our traffic would be considered on the low side with about a thousand unique visitors per day.

Why does the import appear to be “stuck”?

If you started an import process in your on-premises setup and data was initially coming into the tables matomo_archive_blob_YYYY_MM and matomo_archive_numeric_YYYY_MM, but it has stopped for the past couple of days and the import status report shows an estimated completion time of “1 day,” there could be a few potential reasons for this issue:

  1. Data Volume and Import Time: Depending on the amount of data you’re importing, the import process can take a significant amount of time, especially for historical data. Since you mentioned your traffic is relatively low, it’s possible that the import is still ongoing, but at a slower pace due to the large date range you specified.
  2. Resource Limitations: Check if your server resources, such as CPU, memory, and disk space, are sufficient to handle the import process. Insufficient resources could lead to a slowdown or interruption in the import.
  3. Configuration Issues: Review your Matomo configuration to ensure that it’s set up correctly and optimized for the import process. Verify that the necessary tables are created for the earlier months, as missing tables could cause the import to appear stuck.
  4. Error Logging: Enable error logging for Matomo to check if any errors or warnings are being generated during the import process. Error logs can provide valuable insights into potential issues or bottlenecks.
  5. Consult Matomo Documentation and Community: Matomo has extensive documentation and an active community forum where you can find troubleshooting guides and seek assistance from other users who may have encountered similar issues.

It’s recommended to review your configuration, check resource utilization, and monitor the import process for any errors or warnings. If the import remains stuck or you need further assistance, reaching out to Matomo support or the community forum would be beneficial to get specific guidance based on your setup.

Best of luck with resolving the import issue, and I hope you can successfully complete the import of your historical data!

Thanks for the response! Regarding your points:

  1. I understand it could take a long time. But I would expect it to move forward more each day. We get seven and ten day periods where “nothing happens”.

  2. Our server should have capacity. I do notice in the System Check that LOAD INFILE is not functioning. I have take the steps to enable this, except we are back level in our PHP level. That will be fixed real soon now. Would the issue with LOAD INFILE slow down the import?

  3. You mention that missing tables could be a problem. I did not see documented a step to manually create the tables for each date. I could certainly create those tables, but that seems a bit odd. And it is a lot of tables for a sixteen year period!

  4. The log viewer shows a lot of warnings on GoogleAnalyticsImporter, but no errors. Warning as like “unknown browser” or “unable to import goal”.

  5. I did not see a reference to a troubleshooting guide for the Importer.

I do get messages that appear on the web page status area about problems such as I believe I already posted in this question or another. For example, an error message follows. In the error message it mentions “Credenials” and “UNAUTHENTICATED”, and “unexpected”. That seems like it is in the middle of importing and suddenly loses authentication. That’s odd.

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