Google Analytics Import - Shows Rate Limited before reaching quotas from Google


Not sure what is going on with the Google Analytics import. It’s showing the rate_limited error, even if on the side of Google Cloud Console I’m well below the quotas. Google actually increased the quotas from 50,000 to 200,000. Any idea of what’s going on?

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I have the same issue

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Same here! Someone knows?

Same here! I’m also capped at around 10.000 requests, how about you guys?

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today it gave me a “rate_limited” error at 10.003 api requests.
It takes 5 times what it should take, not so much a good experience.

@thesigned @Jensdnl @alex.bedendo @jasminemoeller , did you try to reach Google support? Maybe the problem is on their side?
See also very interesting answer of Karthik Rajendran:

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Thank you for the clarification, this is likely the problem then. Pity this can’t be increased - I would gladly buy a quota increase.

Maybe you should consider stating this limit in your documentation since I guess this is the one that will people run into effectively?

Out of curiosity resp. for planning this somehow - is there any metric to estimate the number of API requests, like 1 request per visit? Per hour? Per day? If we can grab only 10 days per run, this is going to take forever…

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Very interesting, but i cannot think that can be calculated, it depends also from amount of data to import, i think

I already read this limitations, but from charts import made maximum 2,5 request per seconds.
100 seconds are 2500 requests. Maybe reaching that limitation, but not alerted from api

Anyway if i launch import again via ssh it gave me limit reached again also after 2 hours from last job error.

The error are always the same:
INFO [2022-09-05 13:06:29] 3086511 Daily rate limit reached, try again tomorrow. (Note: GA by default sets a daily limit on the number of API requests made each day to 50000. It looks like you’ve reached this limit. Continue the import tomorrow.)
Error encountered, aborting.
Running archiving for newly imported data…

For information, GitHub issue about documentation: