Google Analytics Import (Matomo Cloud) error due to quota exceeded


Google Analytics Import fails in Matomo Cloud due to quota exceeded error. The error keeps returning, waiting does not help. I think it’s the quota of the official Matomo app. How to solve this issue?

Error message:

Error message: Error on day 2023-04-25, Failed to reach GA after 30 attempt(s). The import will automatically restart later and you don't need to do anything. Last GA error message: Quota exceeded for quota metric 'Requests' and limit 'Requests per day' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:99717104306'.
These errors are unexpected and will likely continue every time you run the import on this day. To resolve this issue, please ask on the forums. If you can provide access to your GA account to a member of Matomo's support team it will provide a quicker resolution.

Ok, the tip in the error (above) is obviously not helping me further because there has been no reply so far…

Hi, I have the same issue. However think the issue is Google Analytics and not Matomo?

It is indeed rate limiting in GA, but when I saw the error message, I was hopeful that the forum could help me. Think they should change the error message.

Solution is to follow the instructions on
and don’t use the default settings in Matomo Cloud

Good luck