Google Analytics import issue

Hello! I am running an instance of Matomo 4.2.1, with PHP 7.4.3 and MariaDB 10.3.25 on an Ubuntu 20.04 server. I have installed and configured the Google Analytics importer plugin (v4.1.1) following the guide on your website, as I’m trying to move an existing dataset from Google to Matomo. However, I’m having an issue. The importer has started and has been importing everything from 2018, and it’s currently at 2019 (been running a few days, data limit reached). However, if I open the page related to that particular website, and set the view to day/month/year, it’s completely empty. I’m completely sure that the Property ID, Account ID and View are correct.
It looks like it’s correctly running, but no data is actually imported.

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks!

Up! No one can help?

Hi @mind.overflow, sorry you’re experiencing this, this has been reported before ( and was actually an issue in Matomo core. The fix was here: . Can you try applying it to your Matomo then running core:invalidate-report-data on the data that is missing (eg, ./console core:invalidate-report-data --sites={idSite} --periods=week --dates=2018-01-01,2019-01-01) then running (./console core:archive)?


Thank you, this worked flawlessly! Unfortunately, a previous web search did not return any result, and that’s why I opened this thread. Sorry for double posting, and thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

@diosmosis Is this issue related to a bug in matomo Core as well ? Google Import Export - Fails to get me data for few imported posts

Where I cannot see Total Views on a Page of my website.

Please guide me as we are LIVE with Matomo and we do not see Page Views for already imported Date Ranges. This happens for 90% of the pages.

@gsanil No, this is probably not related to your issue, if it were you would be seeing 0 for every period that is not a day, not just some ranges. It might be worthwhile to wait for 4.3 which will be released relatively soon w/ several bug fixes.

@gsanil Actually on second thought, it’s possible it might be related to this or one of the other fixes in Matomo Core. We’ll be releasing 4.3.0 relatively soon so it might help to update to it.

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@diosmosis Sure, thanks for the update. Waiting on the Release.

That is true. Happens for 90% of the Posts that have been imported. Will look forward to the Latest Release. Thanks !