Google Analytics Import - Error message: All Custom Dimensions in scope 'visit' are already used

I have successfully imported historical Google Analytics for [website 1], using a set of custom dimensions, using the ‘Extra Custom Dimension Mappings’, on the ‘Google Analytics import’ plugin.

I am struggling to import historical Google Analytics for [website 2] using the same set of custom dimensions that I used for [website 1], I receive this error message:
“Error on day (unknown). All Custom Dimensions for website 2 in scope ‘visit’ are already used”

Has anyone else experienced this? Matomo Support says that you can use the same custom dimensions per site, as each site is unique. This does not seem to be the case, as I keep getting this error message.

It is important that I can use the same/similar custom dimensions for a variety of sites within Matomo. Or do I need to have a different account/plan for each website that I want to use the same custom dimensions for?

Thank you

This is the error message I receive for the second website historical import.