Google Analytics failing from command line

I’m trying to import Google Analytics 4 data into Matomo on-premise from the command line. The command seems to be failing right from the outset, however, and I get the error:

  Could not map bindings for to any Uri template.  
  Bindings: Array                                                                                                   
      [name] => [property-id]                                                                                         
  UriTemplates: Array                                                                                               
      [0] => /v1alpha/{name=properties/*}                                                                           

where [property-id] is the property-id I have redacted. I am running the command such:
php ./console googleanalyticsimporter:import-ga4-reports --property=331839734 --dates=2022-06-05,2022-09-22.

Does anyone have any ideas what I could be doing wrong here, or what configuration errors there are?

I think you may create an issue in the GitHub repo: