Google Adwords: (PPC)

Hey everyone,

I’m new to Piwik and was hoping someone can jump in and help me out.

With Google Analytics it allows me the ability to “auto-tag” my destination URLs. Making it a breeze when it comes to time and resources. With Piwik, it obviously doesn’t allow the “auto-tagging” feature and if I stand correct, the default is to manually create your dest. urls as seen here

If that’s the case, let’s say I am managing a Pay-Per-Click Campaign for a local Attorney and I have 500 keywords in my Personal Injury Campaign. Those being; injury lawyer, nepa injury attorney, injury settlement, etc. Based on the URL Builder I would enter;

Website URL:
Campaign Name: Personal Injury
Campaign Keyword: Optional.

With the “Keyword” component (measuring conversions) ranking as the most important factor of any PPC Campaign, what additional steps (if any) are necessary to make sure that I am capturing this info.? Am I missing a parameter {keyword}? —Not sure if I am tagging all my keywords or just taking the URL toolbuilder url and pasting that in my specific ad copy…BUT then again, if it’s for my adcopy, I don’t want to lose the Quality Score built up by changing out URLs if I end up not using Piwik down the road…

Look forward to hearing back.


Matthew Bradley

All the info we have is at: Tracking Campaigns – Analytics Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

if you have more info let us know we can update that page

Yeah, I saw that which led me to the URL Builder – Analytics Campaign Tracking page. I was hoping someone had experience with using Piwk for a Google Adwords Campiagn and can point me in the right direction on how to accurately append the tracking code to dest. url’s

The information on the page only suggest to fill the folllowing fields.

Website URL (required)
Campaign name (required)
Campaign keyword