Google Adwords & Bing Ads Tracking


I am looking for a solution to track my Google Adwords & Bing Ads traffic. I have read the link Tracking Campaigns – Analytics Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo but can not seem to make any sense of the Tracking Paid Search Ads, and how the url should be built

I have used Google Analytics in the past and its a seamless integration without the need to do anything. I know for Piwik I shall have to create some specific linking URL to capture the all important keyword data I need.

How can I go about doing this as I could not find any specific examples online.


You can go here URL Builder - Marketing Campaign Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo just enter the data and get ready URL, you can also use Google Campaign URL’s as well. you may also want to try this plugin . It offers more advanced campaign options.



how will it pull in the keywords which are clicked on

as you can not assign a single URL to each keyword