Google Ads traffic seen as organic

I’m using Matomo for a while and didn’t see that so far. For some of my clients having Google ads campaigns (which I don’t manage), the ad traffic is seen as organic.
Is there a way on my side to make the difference? or should it be done on the ad links?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Interesting you are seeing this. In GA4 I am seeing organic traffic seen as Google Ads traffic.

You should check with Google Tag Manager a test order using Google Ads traffic. To me it seems like the Adwords traffic referral is cut off and seen as organic, it might be somewhere in the page.
Also I am not sure if you are seeing this across all devices, all the time. You’ll have to check that too to isolate the issue, in case it happens just for some devices.

Let us know how you go, thanks!

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Thank you for the reply.
Actually, I’m not managing the analytics part, I’ve only access to the reports: the GA4 reports show paid search and organic search.
So, it really seems to be a Matomo issue, not able to distinguish the 2 canals.

Hi @nicolasb
Do you use utm parameters?
Can you share an example of tracked page, with these parameters?
How do you track?
Don’t you change the page url while tracking?

Did you try to navigate to our site from Google ad, and check:

  • utm parameters are well set
  • You see this information in the Matomo visits log?