Google Ads Tracking

I have Matomo Cloud and want to set up Google ads tracking. Currently, my GA and GA4 are linked and I also have auto-tagging turned on in Google Ads + I have a tracking template with the final URL suffix: kwd={keyword}&matchtype={matchtype}&device={device} . For our internal CRM, I need those to stay like they are.

I know this can be simply done by adding UTM parameters to each ad but will adding UTM parameters with all mentioned above work? And will it affect GA itself by any means?

Use this with mtm_ instead of utm_ and you’re done:

Yes, adding UTM parameters to your ads in addition to your existing setup will work and it will not negatively impact your Google Analytics (GA) tracking. UTMs are universally recognized and are a standard way of tracking custom campaign parameters. They help to identify the source of web traffic, which is helpful for understanding where your site visitors are coming from.

However, it’s important to note a few things:

  1. Google Ads auto-tagging and manual UTM tagging can sometimes conflict, potentially causing data discrepancies. To avoid this, ensure you are consistent with your tagging.
  2. While GA will be unaffected, the additional UTM parameters might result in more granular data in your reports. This might change the way you interpret your data, as you will have additional segmentation options.
  3. Be careful not to include personally identifiable information (PII) in your UTM parameters, as this would violate Google’s terms of service.
  4. For Matomo, ensure you have enabled “Campaign tracking” to pick up these UTM parameters.

Remember to keep your UTM parameters consistent and standardized for the best tracking results.