Google Ads Tag in Matomo Tag Manager

This may be a newbie question.

What I want to achieve?
Implement conversion tracking for Google Ads using Matomo Tag Manager.

What I already tried?

  • Create a container
  • Create a tag

What is my problem?
I would habe expected that there is a standard tag for Google Ads. Why? Among other use cases MTM is used to implement conversion tracking. And Google Ads is one of the most prominent sources for this.

What version am I using?
On Premise 4.1.1

Any additional questions?

  • Is the standard tag for Google Ads a premium function
  • Should I use “Custom Tag” and copy / paste the Google Ad code to it?
  • Why is the topic “Google Ads” not adressed in the standard documentation of MTM? I reviewed the following ressources (I didn’t look at the video training though) and

I know that this is obviously a newbie question


There is currently no built-in Google Ads tag in Matomo Tag Manager.

A long time ago when MTM came out I implemented a basic Tag for Google Ads, but I am unable to test if it works as I don’t use Google Ads and no one else has yet tested it.

So if you are more familiar with Google Ads, could you try adding the tag (adding the three files and few lines in lang/en.json should be enought to add it) and report back how it works so that it can be added to Matomo Tag Manager.

This should work too, but is of course less user-friendly as a “real” tag.

I’m assuming that this is just because the docs explain how MTM works and not how the code of third parties works (as Matomo doesn’t have any control over them)

Hi Lukas,

thanks for your quick response.

I would have expected that the first standard tag of MTM would be the Google Ads tag, because it would be by far the most important one. Next would be facebook pixel. So what is the reason why there is no Google Ads tag in MTM?

I will try to convince my sys admin to test the Google Ads Tag (see github) and give you feedback.

Best regards

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