Google Ads Exact Search Queries

I currently have quite a few advertising clients that use Google Ads. Is it possible to find out the exact search query in Matomo? I’m able to get that information from Google Analytics and that is about the only thing that I don’t think I can get from Matomo unless I’m missing something.


So is their no option to pull the exact search query out of Google Ads into Matomo?

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Did you try this premium plugin?

@Phillipe does that premium plugin include exact search queries on Google Ads?

I am not sure…
@innocraft ?

Hi @seoMatt ,

Do you mean utm_keyword or the keywords used in Search engines?

@karthik That provides the keyword used in Google Ads but it may or may not be the exact search query that someone uses in Google to see your advertisement. I’m trying to find the exact search query. Google analytics provides this information and it is helpful with negative keywords for advertisements.

As an example I use tracking templates in Bing and Google Ads to track activity. Bing has an option in it’s tracking template to find the exact search query. It doesn’t appears as though Google has the same option unless I’m missing something. Not sure if anyone has run into this before or has a solution for Google Ads/ Google tracking templates. Below is the parameter I use in my Bing tracking template to return the exact search query used in a bing search which helps me determine negative keywords.

What it returns

The search query text that the user entered.

Maybe @RonanChardonneau has the experiment of that?

Hi, well that’s mostly a Google Ads documentation question. So typically when we wrote this post, ( we couldn’t find anything related to it, just {keyword} which is the keyword associated to the ad not the query string. Adding the match type could help but that’s the best you could get here.

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@RonanChardonneau Ok so If I’m reading your response correctly, it appears as though the only way to accomplish my goal is to keep Google Analytics for my Advertising clients? This will allow me to get the exact search query so I can figure out the negative keywords.

Honestly, to be sure, I would contact Google Ads service directly because this is a Google thing not a Matomo related issue.
You could still use the Google Ads UI to get the search terms and then know which negative keywords to add.

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