Google Ads click fraud or tracking issue?

Hello everyone,

We have been running campaigns on Google Ads for several months. We have recently installed Matomo Analytics, and we are using Google Analytics temporarily in parallel.

None of these three platforms (including Google Ads) provide us with the same data regarding visits from our campaigns. Matomo overestimates the number of visits compared to the other two Google information sources.

In fact, 90% of visits from campaigns tracked by Matomo last less than two seconds. And when we look at the session history of these visitors, we see that they make several visits in just a few seconds and that the events returned during these different “visits” are consistent in our user journey, if we put them end-to-end in the same session.

As an example, we track the scroll depth. If the first session shows us one or two events such as scroll depth at 12% and 25%, it is not uncommon to see scroll depth at 50% as the first event in the next session of the same user.

Only sessions from this channel are impacted. Moreover, this does not affect all visits coming from Google Ads, since some users who seem to have clicked on our ads stay on the site longer and do not make dozens of sessions (about 5 or 10% of the sessions).

In your opinion, could this be a tracking problem? Or a competitor could play a bad trick on me by clicking on my ads or accessing the site directly with my parameterized URLs? (Most of these sessions are not tracked on Google Analytics)

Thank you in advance for your help.


I know little about Web Ads and related topics, so I can’t really help a lot, but I noticed this sentence:

Most people experience that Matomo reports fewer users than any other tool as things like DoNotTrack cause Matomo to intentionally not track users that another tool would track.

Thank you, Lukas. I’ll continue to investigate and keep this in mind.