Google Ads Banned thanks to Matomo - clients losing money

I’m at wits end here. We are an agency trying to rely on Matomo for greater analytics uses, but any and ALL sites that have had matomo installed on it have just had 100% of their ads in their Google Ads campaigns banned due to “Malicious Software” policy.

I have raised support tickets with google. I have raised support tickets with Matomo. No one is helping and yet our clients are suffering, losing thousands in revenue per day.

Why is this happening and which anti trust law firm do I need to contact to get this situation worked out? This has to be illegal. Google can’t just ban users from it’s platform for using a different analytics system … right?

I swear I’m going to create a site for this and send this to the anti trust committees of congress.

Please some @admin help.


I don’t have time at the moment for a proper answer, so I can just share a few links that might help you about other people with the same experience:

Appreciated. go ahead