GoDaddy metrics don't match Piwik's or Google

I’ve noticed that GoDaddy’s metrics for my web site are much higher than what Piwik and Google Analytics reports. GoDaddy’s AwStats reports 4,765 unique visitors for Jan 2015 yet Google Analytics shows only 843 visitors. That is a significant difference. I have only had Piwik running for two days. For January 26th, 2015 Google says I had 56 visits, Piwik reports 13 visits and GoDaddy says I had 555 visits.

I have a strong suspicion that GoDaddy is inflating the numbers so I will pay for more resources (CPU, memory, I/O etc.). Has anyone else experienced this anomoly?

Hi there,

please check out this faq: Statistics from Piwik and my other web analytics tool (log analyzer, webalizer or javascript based) are different, why? - Analytics Platform - Matomo