Goals stopped to display

On my install Goals stopped to display. I don’t know, if it was after update to 1.9.0 or 1.9.1

I explain: On many widgets, e.g. Referers - Campaigns, there is the flag icon on the bottom of the list. By clicking on it the table with conversions and revenue shows up, but all numbers are just zeros.
This happened to all dates in past, even where numbers showed before.

The data is saved to the DB. On the page Goals - Goals overview, the conversions overview table on the other hand shows the data.

Can you please post screenshots showing where it works and where it doesnt? Thanks!

Here are the screenshots:
piwikworks.png shows Goals Overview page with conversions.
piwikdoesntwork.png shows the table with the missing data.

I hope this helps you to help me. :slight_smile:

ok please try http://builds.piwik.org/piwik-1.9.2-b3.zip this bug should now be fixed!

Thank you very much. I’ll have a look when I have some time.
Your support is great.

This bug was corrected in Piwik 1.9.2.