Goals report shows conversions for referrer website, but visitor log doesn't show any conversion for that visit

Hi, we are on version 1.6. I tried searching all the areas for a similar/existing report, but didn’t find anything that looked like an exact match. (I found Changeset 4435, but could not tell if it is the same thing…?)

In the Goals report, it showed 1 visit from a specific website referrer – let’s say “example.org” – with 2 goal conversions.

When I checked the Visitor Log to look for details on the corresponding visit, I had to use the CSV export (because there are too many records to browse through the UI) – and used a “segment” URL parameter to find only matching entries for that website referrer. It looked like it worked to locate that 1 visit, but the actions that were recorded did not show any goal conversions. I can also verify by looking at the recorded URLs manually that it shouldn’t have counted any conversions.

From what I can see, it seems like a bug that it counted any goal conversions to attribute to “example.org”. Am I looking at this from the wrong perspective? :S Could anybody give me troubleshooting ideas? Thank you!!

Maybe what is happening is that the Visitor visits multiple times, and converts in the second visit? If in the second visit he did a direct entry, then the conversion will be credited to the Original referrer (stored in cookie). Does that make sense?