Goals not always recognized using Direct (API)


Sometimes an ecommerce order is recognized as a goal, and sometimes it isn’t.

I can curl the API call, first to view the page, second to place the order. And I get a conversion.

I copy the same view-page curl, change _id, change the _uid and post as a view page. It shows up in the visitor log.

I copy the same buy page curl that worked before, change _id, change _uid, change _ecid, change the amount. It shows up as an ecommerce order in the visitor log.

But Piwik does not recognize it as matching the goal.

So the code below worked once, but when I tried it again with different (but matching within the two posts) _id, _uid, and different _ecid and amount, it recorded an ecommerce tx but not a goal conversion. Weird. Tried it over many times. Could never get a second conversion to register on that “page”.

$ curl “https://example.com/piwik.php?_id=0000000000000650&action_name=ViewForm&apiv=1&idsite=10&rec=1&send_image=0&uid=127.0.0.DEF&url=http%3A%2F%2Forg_n3700qpb%2FIG123

$ curl “https://example.com/piwik.php?_id=0000000000000650&action_name=Donation&apiv=1&ec_id=123456789012345&idgoal=0&idsite=10&rec=1&revenue=202.02&send_image=0&uid=127.0.0.DEF&url=http%3A%2F%2Forg_n3700qpb%2FIG123

Hi there,

To get two goals conversions recorded in the same visit, you need to edit your Goal and set “Allow multiple conversions per visit” in the goal settings.