Goals: Is there a way to have a referrer = a goal?



Is there a way to set a goal that is triggered by a referrer?

For instance, we have advertising at xyz.com.

If someone is viewing our profile on xyz.com and then goes to our website from there, I’d like to have a goal that we had a conversion.

In the event this is not possible, are there any other similar features that Piwik offers that would accomplish near the same result?


In the online marketing world

CID or UTM codes are used to help determine conversion rates and click throughs of pages or links or banners.

I would venture using Google analytics methodology you may be able to do teh same with piwik.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Yes with Piwik you can trigger Goals conversions, based on the Referrers URL.

For example in Javascript you could write something like this:

if(document.referrer.indexOf('partner.com') > 0) { 
    _paq.push(['trackGoal', 1]); 

This will trigger Goal ID 1 when the referrer URL contains “partner.com


How can I use this in conjunction with the tracking code that is on my website currently?


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Add the snippet above, in your existing javascript code (eg. before the ‘trackPageView’ line) - does it work for you?


Last question on making it work,

If I want all traffic from that site to be goal 1, whether It’s partner.com, partner.com/sales.htm or dl.partner.com will all of the above be picked up?

Basically anything from partner.com


Why not look at referrer traffic from the expected website(s)

Also look at this



I can’t do a campaign for this specific instance.

Sometimes the referring URL can be m.partner.com, partner.com/asdasd-adsaada-asdasd, etc.

So I want to wildcard it.



Just look at refferers and use filtering of the results.

regex the results to filter your desired urls

Matt is there any documentation links on how to use the regex commands in reportlets in piwik?