Goals don't seem to be assigning to search key words

Hi All,

So happy I found this software, have been using GA in China, and it has been slowing down my sites. Trying this on my first site m.pyromusic.cn and I’m trying to track which key words are giving the best click throughs to a download app link on my site.

After a bit of trouble getting the goal to register (had to use both the normal java and image tracker) the goals are working. However, its showing that all the click throughs are coming from direct hits to the site, or returns, and not from any of the key words. I know this is not true as we have done multiple times on many different devices from key words, and also I can see in the live activity tracker people completing the goals after entering the site from a key word.

One point to note, pretty much 95% of users are on mobile.

Any ideas?

For instance, see the screen shot here.

And here you can see nothing gets assigned to search engines or key words… is it because Baidu.com is not a registered search engine?