Goals doc contradicts itself

(Richard Grossman) #1

On this page:


It says this:
idgoal — If specified, the tracking request will trigger a conversion for the goal of the website being tracked with this ID.

And it later says this:

you must set &idgoal=0 in the request to track an ecommerce interaction: cart update or an ecommerce order.

(Richard Grossman) #2

To work around this, we’re posting the ecommerce transaction twice - once with idgoal = 0, which causes it to recognize the ecommerce order, and once with idgoal =the id of the goal, which causes Piwik to recognize a transaction.

Piwik is supposed to create the conversion based on a URL match, but it doesn’t.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Hi Richard

Please create bug report if you can reproduce a particular issue