Goals converting more than 100%

We are currently at Piwik 1.12 and have been goal tracking conversions for the past 4 months.

However this past week, a few of our goals have been converting at over 100%, with some going as high as 200%. All goals have been set up to convert only once per visit, one of which I’ve attached as an example.

An old trac ticket with a similar title - Some goals have conversion rate more than 100% · Issue #1975 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub - from over 3 years ago has been closed as resolved.

No modifications were made to the tracking code or Piwik, so conversions crossing 100% without reason since the weekend is odd.

Would greatly appreciate any help/input on resolving this issue…

[attachment 1441 piwik-goal-100.PNG]

Thanks for the report. Could you post screenshots showing the graph with conversion rate going above 100% in recent days/weeks since the upgrade? we haven’t reproduced this issue yet.

sorry, I made a mistake. I thought I do have the same problem with 2.2. But I activated track goal more than once per visit…