Goals autocorrect to html-entities

When creating goals for a search function, Matomo autocorrects my regular expression to html entities. To be precise, a & becomes .*&

So, the regular expression I enter is .*&license_id=(.+)$

When I save the goal, it automatically becomes .*&license_id=(. )$

What am I doing wrong?

PS: Also, the “+” gets deleted.

Hi @vanye
Is it related to:

Don’t hesitate to add more info in the above ticket…

It is not related. @marcusosterberg is trying to insert the &-character in the title of the goal. My problem is the goal itself, i.e. the regular expression.

I just asked in the GitHub ticket if the problem is the same or not…

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From GitHub:

Kind of a similar issue. The content is stored sanitized, but seems it’s not unsanitized before being displayed again.
I’ve created #20495 to fix this in Matomo 5.