Goals and trackPageView

(MaikL) #1

I want to mesure in which zone of our website the user is. For example he is in the zone “blog” or in the zone “wellness” and so on. I´ve tried to put this in goals, but now there are two piwik shots from one sitevisit. So this can´t be right. But it is not an oppertunity to just let only the “goal” fire, because there is no pagename in there.
The best thing would be, to give an additional value like “zone”. I´m asking me, if there is no one out there with the same problem. By the way the zones are not all included in the URL so this is no option. In my case, I don´t want to know which site a user visited, but the releation where most users are.

I tested it just now. If I deactivate the trackPageView function, it only fires a “goal” request, which is registered as a direct entry. How can I manage my “zones”?

Oh I know there is a “custom data” possibility. But It would took a long way to make that work.
I´d appreciate if there is a simple sollution, but I fear, there isn´t. :-/



I found the sollution mysql. RTFM style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif
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