Goals and events appear in Visits Log, but not reports

Hi, I’m using Matomo Cloud. I’ve started tracking Goals and Events via JavaScript. I see the goals and events appear in the Visitor Log screen, but nothing appears in the Behavior | Events section nor the Goals section, they’re empty.

Are the Behavior and Goals sections calculated with a long lag, is that why I see nothing? It’s been about an hour…


Did you check the visualization date is the same for both?
Real time is… real time, and by default other pages are for the previous day. But you can change the day of visualization there:

If the problem is still there, you can contact the support by email: shop at innocraft dot com
Then don’t forget to post the solution there :wink:

I don’t know what the solution was but it started working after a couple of hours. It was not a case of wrong date ranges in the report.

Thanks for your input.

Raw data (events, visits) are archived periodically to generate reports per day/week/month/year/segment…
That’s why you did not see them earlier…

Do you what that frequency is on Matomo Cloud, by any chance?