Goal not triggered for event created in GTM

I set up a tag in GTM that executes this JS:
_paq.push([‘trackEvent’, ‘Click tel link’, ‘{{Click Text}}’, ‘{{Click URL}}’]);

In Matomo " Visits in real-time" I see the event when I click a phone number but I can’t set the related goal (instead, another goal based on page url is shown).

I set this goal to “When visitors > Send an event” and no matter how I set “where the”, the goal is not triggered.

Any ideas to try to solve it?

I suspect that “Send an event” works only with Matomo Tag Manager and not with GTM but it also would sound quite strange to me because the event is registered by Matomo.

This useless answer written by ChatGPT made me sad.

Hi @ianxxx

It doesn’t matter if the event has been sent through MTM / GTM or any other API. The automatic goal creation (following the goal definition) is done server side.
Can you share a screenshot of the visit log where the event is visible and also the screenshot of the whole goal definition?