Goal Funnels multiple firing

Hi everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to kindly ask for some support about the Goal Funnels.

There are different Goal Funnels with the same Final URL Conversion (ex: “Thank you for your order”).
The steps of these funnels differ (Starting with a Page URL which differs for some Goal Funnels and with different Event Categories Steps).

I tested the Event Category “contains” & “equals”, marking as required & not required the Steps (the required Steps were Page View (entry funnel) & Conversion (final URL “Thank you for…”) however the Goals are fired nomatter the Event Categories being different or the Initial Page URL required differs as well.

There are 3 Sales Funnels, (different URL Pages with the same Final URL page “Thank you foryour order…” conversion page).

How could I separate the firing of the goals (which have multiple steps), to actually firing depending on the Funnel Steps the visitors make?

Currently all Goals of the 3 different Sales Funnels are fired if 1 visitor path is triggered/chosen.
I thought of migrating the tracking to new containers for each Sales Funnel, however that would just reduce the Goal Funnels firing in individual funnels/containers, I assume. Notheless, the different Goal Funnels (with the same entry URL page & Final URL Conversion Page) with be triggered nomatter if the Event Category changes.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Hi @Mazino888 ,

Could you please get in touch with our Support team at shop@innocraft.com, so that the request can be managed efficiently.

@Mazino888 @karthik Did either of you manage to solve this? I am noticing the same issue, across 11 different funnels

Hi there.

One Goal can have only one Funnel and it is not possible to create multiple Funnels for the same goal.

If you set as a Goals ‘final URLs’ maybe you could make those unique.

For example: “Thank you for your oder” used for 11 funnels --》funnel 1 : “Thank you for your order 1” or “Thank you for your order product name”
However that might require additional changes in the tag manager.

Another way, assuming your “oder” or “buy” buttons (call to action buttons) have unique ID, you could take a step back in the goal funnels and set those CTAs as Goals.

However I would rely on Matomo support as they are more experienced and might offer other solutions :smile:

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@greasy @Mazino888 ,

One goal can have only one funnel.

In your case, as the Goal is converted when Thank you page is viewed, one workaround would be to append a parameter at the end of Thank you page URL in a way that you can identify the Goal converted. For example: first goal is converted when www.example.com/thank-you/?goal=first_goal, you may need to make this change in your website and also Matomo conversion URL