Goal events not really usable?

My client is interested in shifting from Google Analytics to Matomo.

I’ve set up some custom event tracking through Tag Manager with various Event Categories, Event Actions, and Event Names and want to have some goals fired based on these.

But if I set up a goal, it only lets me trigger based one of these things. The entire point of Event Categories is to group similar items; I need to be able to trigger a goal based on the Event Action but only in a certain category.

It appears I can fire goals manually by creating my own triggers, but that isn’t a very good solution.

I found a forum thread from 2.5 years ago where others reported the same issue and did not get a response, which is very concerning.

Am I missing something obvious, or is Matomo’s goal tracking just too limited at this point to be usable?

No comments on this at all? Or my other thread? Hopefully this won’t go 2.5 years like the one I linked too…

Hi @TripleM, @uetom, @ath88
A ticket is available on the Matomo GitHub repo:

Maybe you can add some comments in order to make it be developed faster?