Goal correlations visitConvertedGoalId==

hi everyone,

First of all I already searched the forum and tickets but couldn’t find something in this direction. And also thanks for making such a good progress with Piwik!!

Still, what I’m looking for is a way to get some correlations between different goal achievements. I want to know, how many people who achieved Goal 1 were also achieving other goals or how many people who bought something were also subscribing to a feed and so on.

Therefore I tried to segment for example
http://mysite/index.php?module=API&method=Referers.getRefererType&idSite=1&period=day&date=2012-02-12&format=xml&token_auth=myToken&segment=visitConvertedGoalId==1;visitConvertedGoalId==2 with no results.

I set up two goals whereas one goal simply has to be achieved to get to the next one, so the case in which there a just 0 visits who achieved both goals can not be the case. I also looked them up in die visitor log, where one visitor achieved both goals in the same session, but when segmenting the same period/user/features I won’t get any results.

Whenever I segment just using this call:
it shows me all the visitors who achieved goal one, of course. But all the others are not shown. The same call without this segmentation (therefore the same as in the dashboard-reports) gives me in this case all visitors by referrer-type with all coal conversions, but it’s impossible to get any correlations.

I wonder why it simply doesn’t show all other goals for those visits who I already segmented for a goal. Just as in the API call above: I would segment=visitConvertedGoalId==1 in the Referers.getRefererType and it should show all visitors who converted goal 1 AND all the other goals who were converted by the same visitors. (100 visitors bought something, 40 of them subscribed to a feed, 30 were looking at pricing/warranty,…).

Don’t know if this is a bug or something that has a reason the way it is build? Or am I something missing?
Does anyone get same results?

Thanks in advance already and kind regards,

Indeed, it is a bug, since correlation would be interesting thing to do. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to fix it, considering the design (we select all conversions with the given ID goal in the table, and display the result). To do correlation we would have to select all conversion for this goal, then select again all conversion for those visitors. It would be slower. but, please create a ticket with a short description if you are interested and we might fix it one day (or you can sponsor it via http://piwik.org/consulting/ )