Goal and custom variables with page scope


I’ve created a goal to track users “likes”. Every item in my site has a “like” button. Clicking that button trigger a goal tracking in Piwik. I need to define a custom variable with the sku in order to associate those “likes” with the right items. I think I should use custom variables with ‘page’ scope since a visitor can like several items in the same visit.

When I try to get a report of goal “like” by custom variable “sku”, a subtable appears with a lot of ‘sku’'s, but all of them have 0 conversions.

The question is, am I doing something wrong? Does Piwik support what I’m trying to do? Goal tracking with ‘visit’ scoped variables works just fine…

Currently, IIRC the Goal report will only report custom variable of scope “visit” - I think this could be considered a bug. Can you try with scope visit ?
and make sure you’re using latest version. Thanks!

I’m using Piwik 1.10.1. Here you have an screenshot (from a different site). I’m tracking 5 custom variables with visit scope and a variable with page scope, “country”. I set this custom variable each time an item is sold. Numbers doesn’t have much sense…

[attachment 1123 piwik_goal_custom_variable_visit_scope.png]